The World's First Wagyu Beef Snack

Original Flavor

Using an artisanal blend of freshly chopped herbs and spices, our original flavor allows you to taste all the delicious complexities of Wagyu beef in a convenient, grab-and-go form. Simple and flavorful, our O.G. Chop Stick is perfect for days when you just want to fuel up and eat some meat.


Teriyaki Flavor

Made with brown sugar and soy sauce, our Teriyaki adds an element of tangy sweetness to the Original Chop Stick. This Asian flavoring complements the rich, juicy and diverse flavors of Wagyu, and is the perfect choice for anyone who loves Japanese cuisine that you can enjoy on the go!



Wasabi, also known as “Japanese horseradish,” adds a spicy kick to our tender, juicy Wagyu while bringing balance to its rich flavor. A wholesome and nutritious snack with lots of zest, the Wasabi Ginger Chop Stick is packed with protein.



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